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Infinite Stratos Full HD wallpapers 1080×1920, android 2160×1920. Houki Shinonono and Cecilia Alcott backgrounds, Lingyin Huang images, Laura Bodewig android wallpapers, Charlotte Dunois and Sarashiki Tatenashi full HD images.
Genre: Science fiction, Romance, Comedy, Harem.

In the near future in Japan have invented a wonderful exoskeleton, the operator who derive great strength,
speed, powerful defense and an arsenal of weapons built. A person became like a universal fighter, so suit
was called “Infinite Stratos”. Activate this armor could only women. But after ten years with the opening of the armor world was shaken a new sensation – the first man was found, who could become its pilot! Ichika Orimura, 15-year-old hero, through the efforts of the Japanese government entered the IS academy where learning the most talented pilots from around the world. Now Ichika, the only guy of strong and aggressive beauties, need to stand up for the honor of his country, deal with childhood friends, to strengthen international relations, but also to learn to keep up!

Android wallpapers 2160×1920.

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