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Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete

Utena Hiiragi is a quiet schoolgirl who doesn’t interact much with her classmates, and she likes magical girls, especially the trio Tres Magia. One day a creature appears to her and offers to give her magical powers. Utena Hiiragi agrees because she thinks that she

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru (Yuki Yuna is a Hero) smartphone wallpapers. Yuna Yuki and Mimori Togo iPhone wallpapers, Fu Inubozaki and Itsuki Inubozaki lock-screens for android devices, Karin Miyoshi Nokia backgrounds.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica android and iPhone 6 wallpapers. Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi lock screen background images, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe and Kyoko Sakura parallax android wallpapers gallery.