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Fuuka Review

The protagonist Yuu Haruna recently arrived in a new city. Walking down the street, he accidentally encounters an unfamiliar girl, Fuuka Akitsuki. The first meeting was not very pleasant – she thinks he is a strange pervert who wanted to take her photo. But, as expected in the anime, they still have to meet – at school. A broken phone helps them to start communicating, and interest in music will be a key unifying factor. But Haruna has an old childhood friend, Koyuki Hinashi. She became a famous pop idol, and decided to restore relationship with him. Now Yu Haruna must figure out what to do with the two girls, and at the same time with a new serious hobby – participation in the rock band. This anime will leave you quite a good impression, and although we can guess how events will develop further – the romance genre combined with the musical component will provide you with a good feelings.

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Genre: Romance

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