Strawberry Panic!

Nagisa Aoi is transferred to a new school in the middle of the year. This is a whole educational complex – from three schools, Miator, Spica and Lulim, with very strict rules, and only for girls. The territory is very extensive, and includes educational buildings, a dormitory “Ichigo Sha”, a greenhouse and a Catholic church. A little lost in a new place, Nagisa meets a beautiful girl Shizuma Hanazono, who is thoughtfully standing near a tree. Suddenly, Shizuma kisses her, after which Nagisa loses consciousness. She later learns that Shizuma Hanazono is highly respected at school, and bears the title Etoile, which, along with the student council, has a very high impact. This anime tells about the life of girls in school and their relationships, which often turn into love affairs. The anime genre is yuri. The plot is sufficiently well-developed, and interesting elaborate characters allows to be recommended for watching.

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Genre: Romance, Yuri

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