Princess Lover!

Teppei Kobayashi grew up in an ordinary family, but when his parents unexpectedly died in an automobile accident, he had to seriously change his life. His grandfather is a very wealthy man, and now Teppei is the heir to a large group of companies, Arima Financial Combine. Now Teppei must go to study in a new prestigious school, and move to live in a big house, and as a helper he is given a personal maid Yu Fujikura. In the new academy, he meets two princesses – Charlotte Hazelrink and Sylvia van Hossen, as well as the famous model Seika Houjouin. In this romantic story, he will have to establish relationships with these girls.

Charlotte Hazelrink, Sylvia van Hossen, Seika Houjouin and Yu Fujikura high-resolution wallpapers.

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Genre: Drama, Romance, Harem