“Freezing” anime wallpapers for iPhone and iPhone 4 screen sizes!
Satellizer el Bridget,Lana Linchen,Ganessa Roland,Chiffon Fairchild,Elizabeth Mably, Arnett McMillan, Cleo Brand,Attia Simmons, Cassie Lockheart!

In the near future on Earth begin the invasion of aliens called Nova. Fight them can only genetically modified girls who called Pandoras. They are trained in a military academy, where candidates from all over the world are taught the power of thought to cause the weapons and armor, and then put them into practice. Of course, there are orders harsh, rigid hierarchy and aggressive young person is constantly fighting with each other to get ranked higher. For the formation of a full combat unit warrior must sign a contract with a male partner, gains the ability to “freeze” – stop the enemy that gives a chance to win Nova. But the problem is that the first student, beauty Satellizer el Bridget, earning the nickname The Untouchable Queen, for coldness and reluctance close ties. And then suddenly she literally catches newcomer named Kazuya Aoi.

Wallpapers for iPhone and phones with 320×480 display resolution. Suitable mobile models: IPhone 3G, HTC Gratia, HTC Wildfire, HTC Cha-Cha, HTC Salsa, Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace, Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio, Sony Ericsson E15i Xperia X8, LG GT540 Optimus, LG P500 Optimus One, LG C550 Optimus.

Wallpapers for iPhone 4 (640×960 display resolution)