“Campione!” wallpapers for cell phones: Godou Kusanagi, Erica Blandelli, Yuri Mariya, Liliana Kranjcar, Ena Seishuin, Arianna and Athena!
The worst thing is being in the universe – Japanese schoolboy entered at the time of the spring youth! Because the 16-year-old Godou Kusanagi was not surprised when the grandfather sent him to Italy – to return the old stone tablet to a old friend. The brave lad certainly not lost when he learned that roam around magicians, monsters and ancient gods! With Erica Blandelli he defeats Verethragna, a Persian god of Victory. Kusanagi quietly accepted the divine power, becoming one of the seven “Campione”, or “God Slayer”, capable of striking even the gods. After that, as expected, the hero returned home and enrolled in high school, and Erica, appeared knight magician of a secret organization “Copper Black Cross” followed “favorite” to Japan. Now around the newfound “Campione” was such a team beautiful ladies, as the fate of the world can easily solve.
Genre:Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem.

“Campione!” wallpapers for phones with 320×480 display resolution. Suitable mobile models: iPhone 3G, iPod, HTC Desire C, HTC Gratia, HTC Wildfire, HTC Cha-Cha, HTC Salsa, Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace, Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio, Sony Ericsson E15i Xperia X8, LG GT540 Optimus, LG P500 Optimus One, LG C550 Optimus, LG Optimus L5

Erica Blandelli wallpapers for iPhone 4 and mobile phones with 640×960 screen size.

Liliana Kranjcar wallpapers for phones with 360×640 display resolution. Suitable mobile models: Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 5800, Nokia C5, Nokia C6, Nokia C7, Nokia E7, Nokia X6, Nokia N8, Nokia N97, Nokia 5250, Nokia 5228, Nokia 5230.