Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia) wallpapers for smartphones. Teiichi Niiya, Yuko Kanoe, Momoe Okonogi and Kirie Kanoe wallpapers for iPhone, Nokia.
Genre: Harem, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

In the annals of the Seikyou Private Academy many miracles, eerie legends and just horror stories, most of which featured local ghost Yuko. It is not surprising that the school has a club investigation of paranormal phenomena, which is a key member of a young Teiichi Niiya – psychic who can communicate with spirits. The problem is that the club president Yuko Kanoe no one has ever seen! That’s right – Yuko is the school ghost, talking to her can only Nia Teiichi and Kirie Kanoe – her grand-nice. The fact that Yuko Kanoe knows that died at the school, but do not remember the circumstances of her death. However, all ghostly flair Yuko realizes that the death was difficult, and this is related to the descendants of some danger.

Wallpapers for phones with 320×480 display resolution. Suitable mobile models: iPhone 3G, iPod, HTC Desire C, HTC Gratia, HTC Wildfire, HTC Cha-Cha, HTC Salsa, Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace, Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio, Sony Ericsson E15i Xperia X8, LG GT540 Optimus, LG P500 Optimus One, LG C550 Optimus, LG Optimus L5, Fly E154, Fly IQ256, Fly IQ245, Gigabyte GSmart G1310, Samsung GT-S5380, Samsung GT-S6802 Galaxy Ace, Samsung GT-S7500 Galaxy Ace, Samsung GT-S5690 Galaxy Xcover, Magic THL A1, Magic W660, Huawei U8655-1 Ascend Y200, LG P698 Optimus, LG E510 Optimus, LG E612 Optimus L5, LG E615 Optimus L5, Sony ST21i Xperia, Sony Ericsson ST15i Xperia, Sony Ericsson WT19i, Sony ST23i Xperia, Sony ST27i Xperia, Acer Liquid E320, Seals TS3.

Wallpapers for iPhone 4 and mobile phones with 640×960 screen size.

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