Mugen no Ryvius

Infinite Ryvius (Mugen no Ryvius) smartphone wallpapers. Yuki Aiba and Kouji Aiba. Ikumi Oze and Aoi Housen and Neya lock screen images.

Infinite Ryvius Review

In the future, mankind colonizes all the planets of the solar system, but in 2197 a sudden explosion created a phenomenon – the Sea of the Geduld. In this area, high temperatures and pressure are created, and it is extremely dangerous for an ordinary spacecraft to be there. To study the phenomenon, research stations were established throughout the system, one of which was “Liebe Delta”.
Hundreds of young students are at the station, where they are trained in various specialties related to outer space. However, during the mass departure of students for vacations, when only a few remain at the station, it is attacked by unknown terrorists. Attackers change the control settings of the station, and it begins to fall into the geduld. Adult personnel die in attempts to save the station, and young students move to a new unknown ship – Ryvius. Why was it hidden in the station, who is trying to destroy it and why? But the main problem is the psychological relations between people, the problem of behavior in an extreme situation. The plot, the relationship between the characters, are worked out in sufficient detail, and immerse you in an atmosphere of “survival” in a confined space. This anime is a psychological drama, and will take a worthy place in your collection.

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Genre: Science fiction, Psychological, Drama

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