Lacia, Kouka and Methode wallpapers. Snowdrop, Saturnus and Arato Endo lock screen images.
In the future, androids, called hIE, entered the everyday life of people: they look almost indistinguishable, they work in stores, in the police and other places. Many people began to acquire personal androids. There are also separate “super-AI”, which give people advice on a number of critical issues. However, there are still many people in the world who are frightened by this situation – and they are worried about whether a humanity will become a “toy” in the hands of artificial intelligence. The plot tells about the adventures of the schoolboy Arato Endo and the discovered android – the girl Lacia. And although at first glance this anime has a simple and familiar storyline, it’s interesting enough to look at, and philosophical questions about how much people should be trusted or do not trust machines, make you think.

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Genre: Science fiction

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