Kanata no Astra

In the future, a school trip is possible not only in another city, but also in space! A group of high-school students who previously did not particularly communicate with each other, get the opportunity to fly and landings on another planet, without teachers supervision. Everything should be safe and looks like nice trip. But suddenly an unknown sphere teleports them from the surface directly into outer space. The planet they see looks unfamiliar and uninhabited.
Nearby they see a spaceship, very old but operational. Now they have to not only find their way home, but also find food and water for a long journey.

Kanata no Astra (Astra Lost in Space) wallpapers: Kanata Hoshijima, Aries Spring and Yun-Hua Lu.
Genre: Science fiction.

Kanata no Astra wallpapers for smartphones with 1080×1920 screen size: