Jinki: Extend

Aoba Tsuzaki spent most of her life with her grandmother, and does not want to know why her mother lives separately from them. Suddenly a stranger calls herself her “mom”, and later abducts her. Having regained consciousness in the truck, Aoba realizes that her personal belongings were also transported with her to a military base, where pilots of combat robots are trained. And although she herself had collected model robots in her youth, now she has the chance to pilot them herself. The plot of this anime is quite confusing, and the authors leave many questions to the thoughts of the audience. Aoba Tsuzaki, Akao Hiiragi, Shizuka Tsuzaki, Elny Tachibana, Mel J. Vanette, Rui Kousaka, Shiba and Satsuki Kawamoto.

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Genre: Mecha, Adventure, Science fiction

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