Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online wallpapers – different size, for  Samsung Galaxy,  iPhone 5, iPhone 4, Nokia! Your favorite Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya), Asuna (Asuna Yuki), Lyfa  (Suguha Kirigaya), Silica (Keiko Ayano), Lizbeth  (Rika Shinozaki), Sachi and Yui!

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Genre: Adventure, Romance, Science fantasy.

At the beginning of the XXI century there was a sensation of the expected – a genius of Japanese role-playing game created with absolute virtual reality. Not surprisingly, the “Sword Art Online” has gained enormous popularity, and 10,000 lucky ones who got the first edition, on the appointed day and hour were in the game world. However, the game’s creator announced terrible rule: no one will be able to leave the game as long as someone does not take place at all levels to finish. Death in the game means death in the real world, it is necessary to work quite seriously – with these words the evil genius disappeared, and the players quickly realized that he was right.

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